Our Ministries



Here at TBC, we have many ministries to make your family feel welcome. These ministries include an adult ministry, The Bridge for young adults, 513 student Ministries for teens, and various children's ministries. Look below for more information!

Young Adult Ministry

Why do young adults in church seem to go straight from the youth department to a class with senior citizens? Here at TBC, young adults are given the opportunity to learn and grow with people their same age. Our goal is the bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood.  

Adult Ministry

At Timberhill we recognize the importance of nurturing the next generation of Christian people, so we put a lot of effort into ministries for children. But we also believe in providing programs and Sunday School classes that are tailored to every age. There's always a lot going on with our adult ministries at Timberhill, and you're invited to come join in the excitement!

Children's Ministry

At Timberhill we believe that our precious children are also the future of the church. It's also not unusual for even very small children to bring their parents to church, just as children in the gospels came to Jesus. There's just something about a child's tender heart that wants to know about the Lord. We provide Sunday School classes for all ages and conduct special programs throughout the year to help kids grow in the Lord.

Teen Ministry

513 Student Ministries exists to: show students the way to Christ, grow them through church, involve them in ministry, and teach them to share who Jesus is.